Thursday, December 10, 2009


as you know, this blog is about 'stuff'... stuff i like, stuff i don't like. it's funny how the stuff we surround ourselves with can mean so much or so little. acquiring stuff can make you happy - that's why they call it 'retail therapy'. however stuff is so much more, things that surround me run the gamut of making me soar with happiness or create profound sadness. my stuff retains the memories of parents, brothers, friends and pets past and present. the urn that contains the ashes of my beloved boston terrier oliver is one of these items. this one object that i look at every single day makes me overjoyed at the 15 years he was with me and saddens me that i will never again be able to hold or touch him. funny, how stuff does this to you.
the stuff i cherish the most is stuff from people that i love, a box of origami cranes, a book, a photograph of a moth, a ball of string. of course there is plenty of stuff from people i have never met - people who have not been alive for years. the stuff that they loved at one time has managed to end up at thrift stores, junk shops, antique shops and ebay, as one day will my stuff... and so the cycle continues - creating more memories, both happy and sad.

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  1. hi!I'm a friend of Ivan
    happy to hear of you
    hope to see you soon!